Upgrade 2020 FAQs

Important information and frequently asked questions about the data system upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF Format)

What is the "data processing system"? 

The data processing system is the software and supporting hardware that TCCU uses to maintain members' deposit and loan accounts, process transactions and provide support services such as debit cards and online banking. 

How does the data system upgrade benefit me?

This upgrade will help us stay ahead of the technology curve and continue to bring you innovative products and services. It will also provide:        

  • Improved security on your accounts     
  • Faster, more efficient service for all members      
  • Customizable online banking opportunities

Is my personal and financial information safe?

Yes. The safekeeping of member account and personal information is the credit union's top priority. Personal data and account information will be safe and secure throughout the entire upgrade process.

Will my member number/account number information change? 

No. Your member numbers, account information and online banking Logon IDs and Security Codes will stay the same.

What should I do to prepare for the upgrade?

We plan to make this upgrade as easy as possible for members, but there a few things you can do to help us: 

1. Please contact us or visit a TCCU branch to ensure we have your correct mailing address. All members will receive a paper statement in the mail in October. We want it to get to the right place. Even if you regularly receive an e-statement, you will receive a paper statement in October. (If you’d like to elect to NOT receive a paper statement, please contact us prior to 9/15/2020.)

 2. If you do not receive e-mails from us, please ask to be added to our e-mail list so you receive the latest updates on the upgrade and how it impacts you. You can make this request by phone, by visiting a branch, or by emailing us.

 3. Print or save any statements you might need before 9/23/20; past statements won’t be available online after the upgrade. We will have past statements available, if needed - at no charge.

 4. Review your account on 9/30/2020 so that you know your balances.

During the Upgrade

Will branch hours be affected during the upgrade period?

Yes. Branch hours, eBanking, TCCU's Mobile Banking App, and other credit union services will have altered hours. The schedule can be found here.

Will I be able to access eBanking/TCCU's Mobile App Banking App during the conversion period? 

No. eBanking and the TCCU Mobile Banking App will be unavailable from 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 30 through Saturday, 10/3/2020.

Will my debit card PIN# change?

No.  There will be no changes to your debit card number or PIN#.

Will my debit card still work during the upgrade? 

Yes, but you may experience reduced spending limits during the upgrade period.

Will I be able to withdraw cash from an ATM during the upgrade period?  

Yes. You will have access to ATMs during the upgrade period, but you will not be able to view your account balances. Cash withdrawals may also be limited.

Will my payments continue to process that are set up in ePay?

Yes.  All payments set up prior to the upgrade will process normally.  New payments may not be set up until the upgrade is complete.

Will my checks still work?

Yes. You can continue using your current checks and you WILL NOT need to order new ones.

What about my direct deposit?

All direct deposits will process without interruption. 

If I make a night drop during the upgrade time-frame, when will it process? 

Hurst & Downtown Any items dropped off after 12:30 pm on 9/30/20 will not be processed until Monday, 10/5/20. 

Lake Worth Any items dropped off after 3:00 pm on 9/30/20 will not be processed until Monday, 10/5/20.

After the Upgrade

Will I need to do anything after the upgrade is complete?

Yes. Just a few things.You’ll need to login to eBanking using a browser (either on desktop or using your phone) and answer the Security Questions. You must agree to the Terms & Conditions (even though you've done so in the past) and you'll also be prompted to add a phone number.  Once you've completed these steps you will be able to use eBanking and also TCCU's Mobile Banking App. 

Will eBanking & eStatements look different after the upgrade?

Yes.  Both eBanking and your eStatements will look a bit different, but they'll both provide the same important informaiton.  

Will there be a delay receiving my September statement due to the upgrade? 

There will be no delay, but you will receive a paper statement in October. Even if you usually receive an eStatement, you will receive a paper statement. Please contact us to ensure we have your correct address on file.  If you DO NOT want a paper statement mailed to you, please contact us prior to 9/15/20 for assistance. Beginning in November and moving forward, you will receive statements in the same form as you did prior to the upgrade.  If your statements were mailed, they will be mailed.  If you received eStatements, you will receive eStatement notifications.

Will I lose my account history in eBanking? 

Yes.  All transaction history prior to 10/1/2020 will no longer be available online. If you are enrolled in eStatements, we recommend saving past statements to your computer if you would like to retain that account history.You will receive a paper statement in October unless you make other arrangements with us prior to 9/15/2020. eStatements for the month of September will not be available. We will have all member statements available should you need to request a copy.

What should I do if I have questions?

If you have any questions regarding this planned system upgrade, please visit the upgrade main information page, or call us at 817.884.1470. We will answer our phones before, during and after the upgrade.

Questions? Give us a call at 817.884.1470