Traveling Outside The U.S.?

Information about your debit and credit cards you should know about when traveling.

Member debit and credit card activity is closely monitored to prevent fraud.  This monitoring includes reviewing account activity for charges made in places outside of your normal purchasing area.  For example, if you live in Texas and your card is suddenly being used in Mexico, it has the potential to be viewed as fraud and your card could be disabled temporarily until we contact you to make sure that the charge is valid. 

We now have technology available on both TCCU debit and credit cards that will allow you to set up temporary travel alerts for your cards as an added safeguard.  This allows you use of your cards when our fraud monitoring system would normally question any purchases you make.  

Debit Cards:  For setting up temporary travel alerts for your debit card, download the CardNav app.  To use the feature, go to Control Preferences>Locations>International and Add Travel Event.  You can set the country and the start and end dates.

Credit Cards:  For setting up temporary travel alerts, access and log in to MyTCCUCards.  

If you need assistance with setting up travel alerts, please contact us at 817.884.1470.  We’re here to help.

Be Careful with Your Card Information

  • Record your card and account numbers along with expiration dates in a safe place at home.  Include the phone number for each card company so you can report fraud and minimize damage quickly.  
  • Carry only the cards you need so there is less for a potential thief to take and fewer cards you'll have to freeze if your wallet is lost or stolen.
  • Shred documents containing personal information before throwing them away.
  • Never give your account number to anyone on the phone unless you initiated the call to a company you know to be reputable.  


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