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Holiday Loan Special

Our annual holiday loan special is offered at rates as low as 5.99% APR*; borrow up to $2500 with an 18 month repayment term. 

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Treat yourself this holiday season and delay either your November, December, OR January TCCU loan payments**.  

To apply, complete the form and turn it in to a TCCU Team Member, fax it to (817) 870-1360 or email it to us  The fee for each Delay-a-Payment is $25 per loan.  



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*Annual Percentage Rates are quoted as low as - and are based on applicant's credit history and qualifying service discounts if any.  Not all members qualify for the lowest rate.  The Holiday Loan Special is for a maximum $2500, for 18 months maximum repayment term. Offer subject to change without notice.  

**Your account must be in good standing and loans must be current to qualify for Delay-a-Payment.  Delay-a-Payment does not apply to TCCU credit cards or real estate loans, and requests must be received by the deadlines outlined in the form.  If applicable, by signing the Delay-a-Pay form, the applicant acknowledges that the extension of the loan may affect a claim amount covered by Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP).  Fees will be collected upon receipt of the completed form.  You may only Delay-a-Payment one time during this offering.