Fee Schedule

Savings Account Fees
Withdrawals in excess of 4 per month (excludes Premier, Vacation, Holiday, & IRA accounts; includes transfers on Money Market & CIG $2.00 per transaction
Single Account Service Fee - Primary Savings
(excludes Youth Accounts & Accounts Open < 1 year)
Monthly Service Charge - Money Market Tiered/Savings
(average daily balance below $100)
Share Balance (below minimum) per occurrence $35.00
ATM & Debit Card Fees
Balance inquiries from non-TCCU ATMs $0.50
Withdrawals from non-TCCU ATMs  $3.00
Debit Mastercard replacement   $5.00
International usage; additional fees may apply  1% of the transaction
Checking Account Fees
Copy of a cleared check (after 1st two) $1.50
Faxed copy of cleared check $4.00 per page
Monthly service charge - Classic Checking - if balance falls below $500 $5.00
Monthly service charge - Prestige Checking - if balance falls below $2,500 $10.00
Insufficient Funds & Courtesy PayFor debits and withdrawals via check, either cashed at a teller window or for 3rd party payment, ACH, ATM,Debit Mastercard – PIN or Point of Sale, service or check charges & pre-authorized internal transactions. $35.00
Overdraft Protection $3.00 per occurrence
Money Market Access Fees
Withdrawals in excess of 6 per month (per transaction - including transfers) $5.00
Copy of cleared check (after 1st two) $1.50
Monthly service charge (if daily balance falls below $1,000 minimum) $10.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Withdrawals in excess of 4 per month (excludes Premier, Vacation, Holiday, IRA, Money Market) includes transfers on Money Market & CIG $2.00 per transaction
Check Cashing Fee -  Non-Members Only $5 for checks totaling $25 or more
Single Account Service Fee (Share Account Only With <$100 Average Daily Balance) Does Not Apply to Youth Accounts or Share Accounts that have been open < 1 year.   $5.00 per month
Share Account Closure (if account is closed within 90 days of opening) $25.00
Non-sufficient Share Balance (below minimum) per occurrence $35.00
Loan Extension Fee $25.00
Balance inquiries and transfers by phone (Staff Assisted)   $2.00
Returned deposit item $10.00
Checks payable to third party $2.00
Money orders for TCCU Members and Shared Branch Guest Members $2.00
Money orders for Non-Members $3.00
Early withdrawal from Holiday or Vacation Club (per withdrawal - excludes automatic rollover) $10.00
Account Research/Reconciliation (1 hour minimum) $20.00 per hour
Paper account statements mailed $3.00 each
Electronic account statements  (eStatements) Free
Account statement reprints (5 page max/$1 each additional page $4.00
Stop payment order $35.00
Wire - Domestic $15.00
Wire - International $30.00
Wire - Western Union $14.00
Temporary Checks (per 8, First 8 free with new account) $5.00
Collection item fees (per item) additional fee may apply from other FI $10.00
Notary - Non-members $5.00
Visa Gift Card/Point of Sale Only: Load Fee 
Visa Prepaid Debit Card $7.95/Reload $3.00
ePay Fees
ePay Bill Pay Service $5.95/per month
A2A Payment Using ePay $2.00
Popmoney Instant Payment ($5 minimum) $3.00
Popmoney Payment Using ePay/Standard (3-day) Delivery
$1 to $249
$250 to $999

Popmoney Payment Using ePay/Next Day Delivery
$1 to $249
$250 to $999

Same-Day Bill Payment Using ePay $9.95


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e-Banking is an Internet service which is available free of charge.

*Notice: if you use an ATM machine that is not operated by TCCU, you may be charged a fee by the operator of the machine and/or by an automated transfer network.