Debit Cards

To provide convenient access to your funds, members with a checking account are issued a TCCU Debit Mastercard®. Use your Debit Mastercard wherever Mastercard® is accepted.

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Instant Issue Debit Cards 

No more waiting for your debit card to arrive in the mail.  When you open a new checking account, you'll receive your debit card the same day*.  

*Accounts opened at Tarrant County Plaza branch. For other branch locations, please allow one week for site-to-site delivery.   

Personalized Debit Cards - Design Your Own! 

Make your TCCU debit card uniquely yours using a favorite photo.  It could be a picture of family, friends, or even your favorite selfie!  Read the tips for images and image guidelines here.  Once you've decided on your favorite picture, email it to us for processing.  Personalize your card for only $5! 


Complimentary Card Image Options

Blue                                          Green                                         Gray

(Standard for Renewal) 

Or Choose From TCCU's Stock Images

These selections are available for $5


EMV Cards

EMV, which stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa, is the new technology for debit (and credit) cards.  This new technology uses an embedded computer microprocessor chip instead of a magnetic stripe, to store and protect cardholder data.  The ultimate goal of the migration to EMV is to provide greater protection against fraud.

TCCU is committed to providing the latest technological tools to protect member data, and made the transition to EMV chipped cards in late 2016.   

Have questions about EMV?  Read these FAQ's.  


Lost or Stolen Debit Cards, Activations, Disputes or Fraud

Planning to Travel Soon?

We closely monitor member debit cards to prevent fraud. This monitoring includes looking for charges in places outside of your normal purchasing area. For example, if you live in Texas and your card is suddenly being used in Hawaii. So if you're planning to travel, we ask that you contact us at 817.884.1470 and notify us when/where you will be traveling. This will ensure uninterrupted use of your card. You can also request temporary debit card increases.