Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay offers an added layer of protection should you accidentally overdraw your checking account. This service is available to qualified members.

Should your account become overdrawn due to a transaction that you've made, Courtesy Pay will cover the difference of that transaction so that it is not declined or returned. Not only does Courtesy Pay save you from an embarrassing incident at a store or restaurant, it will also prevent you from incurring expensive fees from merchants and will protect your credit.

  • Courtesy Pay covers eligible overdrafts up to $1,000, including fees, at TCCU's discretion. 
  • Courtesy Pay is subject to a fee of $35 per instance. This is the same per instance fee we charge for non-sufficient funds (NSF).
  • Courtesy Pay will be extended for each individual checking account you want covered.
  • You may change your Courtesy Pay option at any time, opting in or out as you wish.

Two Options for Courtesy Pay

  • Option #1 - Courtesy Pay for checks and automated clearing house(ACH)/electronic payments and recurring debits. Option #1 is automatic after 30 days of account opening, with no negative activity.  

  • Option #2 - Courtesy Pay for checks and automated clearing house/electronic payments (ACH) plus ATM and everyday debit card transactions. You MUST opt-in for Option #2.

You may select either, or decline the service all together. Note that if you don't make a selection, you will automatically be considered to have chosen Option #1.

Other Options for Overdraft Protection

Transferring Funds From Another TCCU Account

You can set up an automatic transfer from your other accounts with TCCU. If a transaction is submitted against insufficient funds, we'll draw needed funds from your other account (including any fees) as available. If you do this and also sign up for Courtesy Pay, we'll access your other account first for needed funds before using Courtesy Pay and imposing the Courtesy Pay fee of $35 per transaction.

Accessing Funds Available From a Line of Credit

You can apply for a line of credit to be used as Overdraft Protection. We'll withdraw the funds needed to cover your transaction, from the existing line. Again, if you also have Courtesy Pay, we'll access the line of credit first before using Courtesy Pay and imposing the Courtesy Pay fee of $35 per transaction. Apply for a line of credit.

Note that each option may have eligibility requirements and may be subject to usage fees. Review TCCU's Fee Schedule here. Opt-in to Courtesy Pay Today!

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